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Queue, Dr. Julianne Neal!! She was very responsive and helpful. She made sure I understood the treatment plan, what she was doing in each session, and she fixed issues that I never knew I had. My abdominal diastasis closed, I can hold my pee longer (no more laughing accidents), my scarred tissue is no longer an issue during intimate tangos with hubby (I used to get tearing that it bleeds minorly but it feels like a paper cut) and I can squat 225+ with no pain in my hips! Doing the exercises prescribed by Dr. Neal daily definitely helped me in so many ways that I wish insurance made pelvic floor recovery part of postpartum check ups. If I could, I'd go to her quarterly to make sure my muscles and bones are aligned and working properly, I'd do it!
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Real Patient
I had issues with a hip injury I never addressed which lead to issues with working out with weights and after having 4 natural births vaginally, I felt my lady part was "broken" because I couldn't hold my urine like I did before, as well as scarred tissue from delivery that kept opening during woo-hoo with hubby. For my hip, I didn't do much, I just lighten the load of weights if I felt the pain was intense. For my pelvic muscles, I've tried doing kegels. For the tearing, lubes but it could only do so much. I got a bit depressed because I'm under 40 and didn't expect all of these issues. All were frustratingly going no where and I didn't want to be under 40 with issues .... I had to look for options. Surgery, too expensive. PT at pivot was 300/session and don't specialized in Women's pelvic health issues.
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Real Patient
I highly recommend Dr. Neal, even recommended her to all my family and friends who struggled with minor to severe incontinence, as well as, Women's pelvic health. She helped fixed my lady parts and hip from going through expensive surgery!!
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Real Patient