PT Services

Suffering with painful abdominal or pelvic scars, painful sex, vulvar pain, endometriosis, Interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome, or tailbone (coccyx) pain? We can help with that! New Woman’s Abdominal and Pelvic Health program provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to care for these conditions and more.

Bladder & Bowel Health

Tired of dealing with annoying bladder leakage, urinary urgency, or frequency? Dealing with  interstitial cystitis and painful bladder syndrome? Frustrated by constipation, difficult bowel movements, bowel urgency or leakage? The New Woman approach to care provides simple, effective solutions to correct these dysfunctions and more.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Recovery

Hey moms! You’re facing the challenging task of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery. New Woman PT & Wellness is here to help you through the process! Not feeling like your concerns about joint and muscular pain during pregnancy and postpartum are being fully addressed? Having trouble feeling like yourself again after labor and delivery? Our pregnancy and postpartum recovery program can help you successfully manage hip, low back, and groin pain, diastasis recti, and painful abdominal and pelvic scars associated with pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

We also offer WELLNESS WORKSHOPS to help nurture your overall health and wellness during the process.


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Premier Men’s Health Program

We recognize that men have pelvises too! Our Premiere Men’s Health Program provides solutions for men facing bowel or bladder issues, pain in the pelvic, genital, abdominal, or groin regions, prostatitis and post-prostatectomy recovery.

Virtual Visits

Virtual visits allow you to get efficient and effective treatments in the safety and comfort of your home. Patients in Maryland, DC, and Virginia are welcome.